ComponentEventListener is not working correctly when running in a cluster


ComponentEventListener is currently being used like this:
. A registered event is triggered every time a new connection of an existing component connects
. Events are not clustered. That means that only the JVM where the component connected will get the event
. An unregistered event is triggered only in the JVM and when the last connection of a component was closed
. API is passing a Component object that is never used (and implies more work if we want to make it cluster ready)

Instead is should be like this:
. A registered event should be triggered only once and only when the component connected for the first time in that JVM and in the cluster
. The registered event should be broadcast to the other cluster nodes
. Change the API to only send the address of the component and not the component itself
. An unregistered event should be triggered when the service of the component is no longer available in the cluster




Gaston Dombiak


Gaston Dombiak