HttpSession#getVersion() tests for equality to NaN


HttpSession uses the NaN (Not a Number) value to represent a 'unset' version. When getting the number, it checks if the stored version equal to NaN, based on which it will return the version number, or a default. The NaN equality check that is used will always fail though, as described by FindBugs:

This code checks to see if a floating point value is equal to the special Not A Number value (e.g., if (x == Double.NaN)). However, because of the special semantics of NaN, no value is equal to Nan, including NaN. Thus, x == Double.NaN always evaluates to false. To check to see if a value contained in x is the special Not A Number value, use Double.isNaN (or Float.isNaN if x is floating point precision).




Guus der Kinderen
April 23, 2008, 12:09 PM

I've replaced the != comparator with Double.isNan() in revision 10253.

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Gaston Dombiak


Guus der Kinderen