Bug with roster modification when deleting shared group


has the same title but describes something else. This one does not lead to corrupt rosters but to modified entires. And if forces the admin to restart wildfire (could be - maybe purging the cache does also work)
(I did not extend this test to keep it simple, maybe one could also delete roster entries).

create user ext and ext2
create group GE with users ext and ext2 (Show group in group members' rosters)

Spark: login with ext and ext2 and rename the contact in the GE group (2), eg ext to ext and ext2 to ext2
Wildfire will create entries in JIVEROSTER

(it has nothing to do with admin, I just used it for this test)
create group admin with user admin (Show group to members' rosters of these groups: GE)
delete group admin

Spark: the contacts disappear
Wildfire will delete the JIVEROSTER entries

Restart Spark clients: the GE group is no longer there

Restart Wildfire: the GE group is there again, but the names given in (2) are lost




Gaston Dombiak
August 8, 2006, 11:18 AM

. First problem was already fixed in Wildfire 3.0.0 or 3.0.1
. Second problem is not a bug but as things are intended to work. May be what is confusing is that the same group appears in the list of groups that are allowed to see the group. I think that we should remove the group from that list so that administrators are not confused with the semantic or selecting or not the group from that list.

June 2, 2006, 4:04 AM

more problems are described in http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=20069 :
use the Wifi 2.6.2 web admin console:
create user u1 and u2
create group A with user u1 (Disable sharing group in rosters)
create group B with user u2 (Disable sharing group in rosters)
configure A with "Group Display Name A" and "Show group to members' rosters of these groups: B"

start 2x Spark 1.1.4:
Login u1 - this will be OK
Login u2 - A will be displayed as A with u1
Exit u1 => u2 will still see u1 online in A BUG
Exit u2

Login u2 - A is empty
Login u1 => u2 will see u1 still offline BUG
Relogin u2 - A will be displayed as A with u1

_________________________________________________ and:
Users Ext1 and Ext2 are members of group EXTERNALS
Users Tech1 and Tech2 are members of group TECHIES

1. Now configure Group EXTERNALS with "Group Display Name "Externals" and "Show group to members' rosters of these groups: TECHIES"
2. configure Group TECHIES with "Group Display Name "Techies" and "Show group to members' rosters of these groups: TECHIES + EXTERNALS"

As far as I understand it, that should show
a) Ext1, Ext2, Tech2 in the Roster of Tech1 (because of 1. & 2.)
b) Ext1, Ext2, Tech1 in the Roster of Tech2 (because of 1. & 2.)
c) Tech1, Tech2 in the Roster of Ext1 (because of 2.)
d) Tech1, Tech2 in the Roster of Ext2 (because of 2.)

Fact (bug?) is that
e) Ext1 sees ALSO Ext2 in his roster
f9 Ext2 sees ALSO Ext1 in his roster

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Gaston Dombiak