Fix LDAP ou="... ..." (%20) problem in baseDN


One can not login if the ou contains spaces like "<baseDN>OU=My Users;DC=domain;DC=net</baseDN>" while My_Users works fine.





Chris Hirsch
June 7, 2008, 3:28 AM

This issue is still present in 3.5.1. If I change my uid to be mail it will change the @ sign to an HTML char and not authenticate the user because it can't find it.

Daniel Henninger
January 16, 2008, 1:22 AM

Related to this, looks like a number of HTML characters are converted improperly when saving LDAP filter changes. & -> &amp; for example

Daniel Henninger
January 15, 2008, 6:02 AM

The hardest part of this is setting up a quick LDAP server that has spaces like this. And maybe even some Russian character ones, but honestly, I think whatever fix I put in place for one will fix the other. Going to set up a quick virtual environment to test this with. Shouldn't be hard.

Denis Golovan
November 8, 2006, 2:45 PM

Besides, I discover another strange behaviour - each time after config being rewritten by the server, international symbols (such as Russian ones ) are converted in presentation (in utf-8, I guess) which doubles in length. Such things happen even with text in comments. Maybe some bugs in java xml parser?

Denis Golovan
November 7, 2006, 3:45 PM

Confirm, v3.3.1 still has the issue. Besides, when ou has international symbols (such as Russian ones ) wildfire.xml saves it incorrectly both from admin console and when updating wildfire.xml during the work. Correcting manually (using Win1251 codepage, AFAIK utf-8 allows this) helps a bit, some time after server rewrites my ou name and stops authentificating users.



Daniel Henninger