Yahoo Roster Item Disappear


Since upgrading to 1.1.3 beta the yahoo users are disappearing. i mean they are no longer in the roster!. when i log into my account with yahoo they are gone too. it is like 1.1.3beta is removing people from my roster

these people can see me though and i will get IMs from them sometimes. sometimes they pop up and other times they dont.

I am going to see if I can grab logs that might help


Openfire latest/1.1.3beta


John Doe
April 21, 2010, 4:08 PM

I spoke too soon. The issue still exists with the update I installed yesterday.

John Doe
April 20, 2010, 4:35 PM

I have installed the above. It does at least initially appear to have solved the (empty message from MSN transport) issue, but it hasn't solved this issue.

Another note regarding this. Only contacts that are off-line at login will disappear, and they will reappear when they come on-line.

daniel vultur
April 20, 2010, 3:11 PM

One thing I need to go ahead and mention – Openfire has a "known bug" at the moment (I'm working with the developer on it) where it just up and doesn't deliver a lot of packets when you first log in. It seems to have something to do with the session being labeled as ready to receive before it's ready to receive, so Kraken sends a number of packets that just never get there.

So – the way Kraken interacts with your roster is all via Openfire API calls. It directly updates your roster without sending the typical "proper" XMPP packets. This is actually on purpose because the standard way ends up involving an end-user flood of contact requests. (though depending on how wide roster item exchange support is, that may not be as true anymore as it used to be – i'm probing the XMPP community to ask about that) Anyway, I don't see anything in that log that would tell me that it's removing anything from your list. If anything I see a "this looks good, keep it the same".

Is there any chance you wouldn't mind trying the latest greatest <tm> build from trunk? I seem to recall there were a couple of OpenYMSG fixes along the way, specifically regarding rosters. You can retrieve it here: (it's going to say 1.1.3 beta but i assure you it's beyond that lol)

John Doe
April 20, 2010, 2:50 PM

Attached is an openfire debug log covering the following events:

At 2010.04.19 19:31:33 I left the #mailman channel @

I looked in my client and I had three Yahoo contacts in my roster: ( is the openfire server), and mark_sapiro is me.

I then disconnected from the server.

At 2010.04.20 06:41:28 I logged in to openfire, and my only yahoo contact was me ( The other contacts will eventually reappear when they come on line.

This situation manifests itself in 3 ways. This particular log is the case where the contacts silently disappear.

The log attached to is the case where I get an apparently endless loop of "contact removed" dialogs.

I have also seen a case where I just get one "contact removed" dialog per contact, but I don't have a log for that at the moment.

And I think sometimes (not often) the contacts don't disappear when I log on. I don't have a log for that case either.

openfire 3.6.4
kraken 1.1.3beta
CentOS 5

daniel vultur
April 20, 2010, 1:15 PM

lol yeah they're all "actively developed" at first. I added Spectrum to the alternatives page on Kraken's site – so far I've seen 4 similar libpurple based projects come and go. =/ Not sure why they always seem to fail but hopefully Spectrum has figured out whatever the problem is.

Jonathan, turn on debug logs in Openfire and trigger the event and then attach the debug logs to this issue, if you don't mind. I actually can not reproduce this on my own machines currently so there's not a lot I can do. =/


Daniel Henninger


John Doe