Rosters are not retrieving for yahoo client


Hi Daniel

i have tested this application so many times, when i enter correct credentials for yahoo client. i find out one problem , here rosters list are not appearing properly on left side of navigation bar.

rosters are invisible sometimes and sometimes the rosters are visible.

note : i have done process like this.

i have created a new yahoo account , adding only one friend in my friends list. note that i have only one friend in my contact list.

so i am login to yahoo, roster item are invisible sometimes and sometimes roster items are visible.

i don't know why it is happening like this.

i request you to please look in to this issue as i mentioned above steps. ( This is problem in yahoo not for remaining clients like Gtalk, Msn )

kinly please check it and update.


Kraken 1.1.3 beta


daniel vultur
October 19, 2010, 3:53 PM

Hrm. How big is your roster? I ask because mine is quite small and I actually tend to have no troubles seeing my entire roster. That said, this sounds like an age-old problem that OpenYMSG/jYMSG used to have. I'm a little surprised to hear it showing up now.

Just to eliminate any possible contamination, shut down openfire and please make absolute sure you do not have gateway.jar and the gateway folder in your plugins directory for Openfire. Then, please remove the entire kraken directory under plugins (leave kraken.jar there, it will recreate the directory). Lets just make sure there's not an old library floating around. I don't think that is the problem but still.

October 19, 2010, 6:27 AM

as per your above comments.

they aren't showing up at all , even if you are displaying offline users.

Bug : Rosters are not displaying properly when we login in to yahoo in which that particular friends are in offline.

this happens when we tested the application 5 times.

sometimes it's reproducing the problem, sometimes it's not-reproducing the problem.

Scenario :

Here the problem occurred for particular yahoo client ( email-id ) having only one friend contact .

for example if we login in to yahoo , sometimes the rosters are showing up available , when that particular friend is in offline. moreover sometimes the rosters are not showing up and displaying as empty roster.

hope u can reproduce this problem when u having a yahoo client id having only one friend contact list.

i request you to please test this issue in any other java enabled IM ( Spark client ) or any other mobile application

your reply would be appreciable.

daniel vultur
October 14, 2010, 8:23 PM

Please try this version:

Depending on how your client is handling things, a change I just made may make the difference between those roster items showing up or not.

If this doesn't fix the problem – when you say invisible, do you mean that they are showing up as unavailable? or that they aren't showing up at all, even if you are displaying offline users?


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