QQ accounts with old style security credentials fail to log in


Apparently there is a difference between types of security settings between old and new QQ accounts (security settings). The old style does not work. Forums detail as follows:

Thanks Daniel. Expecting a stable qq from kraken plugin.

A little research from me:

1. There is no way that I can login with my qq number 71002189 using kraken or any other 3rd party client.

2. I registered a new qq number, 1047477311. I can login with the new one. But it was not stable. I couldn't login from time to time.

My guess is the major difference between the two numbers is the security level. I remembered that I'd been filling some forms on qq.com to setup some sort of security methods to keep my qq number safe, e.g. from losting my password. Here is a link to the web page


You can find the link with the name "申请密码保护" here, http://im.qq.com/

I just verify the difference

71002189 is under the second level password protection. 第二代密码保护

1047477311 is not under password protection. 无密码保护

I hope this will help.


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Daniel Henninger


Daniel Henninger