LDAP name parts should combine in user's Name attribute.


For fields in the LDAP profile, it's possible to 'combine' values with LDAP content.

For example, "{lastName} {firstName}" should show up as two values, separated by a white space.

This appears to be working in both the LDAP user mapping tester (part of the Admin Console), as well as in the generated VCard for users.

However, when applied to the 'Name' field in the profile editor, one would expect the value to show up as the Name field of the corresponding users (not just in the VCard). However, this value remains empty.

Upon closer inspection, Openfire attempts to get one_ attribute, by the name of "lastName firstName" from LDAP, using the mapping above. Instead, Openfire should get _two attributes ("lastName" and "firstName") and combine them.




Guus der Kinderen


Guus der Kinderen