Do not depend on existing PEP service when creating PEP service


This issue is introduced by changes that went into as-of-yet unreleased code (for 4.6.0). This issue should be fixed before 4.6.0 is released

When a PEP service is created, the existing code tries to read from the yet to be created PEP service. This prevents the PEP service from being created.

The problem occurs with creating the root node of the service. It uses generic code that refers to the service for which a node is created. In the case of the root node, that service does not yet exist (persisting the root node is what causes the service to become existent).

These are exceptions that are logged every time a PEP service is created (which corresponds with a user logging in, as each user is supposed to implicitly have a PEP service):


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Guus der Kinderen


Guus der Kinderen