Auto-answer feature when placing calls


Add support for auto-answer mode when placing calls. We would want to use this judiciously or it could be very annoying. The main place I see it being useful is when you want to place a call. Instead of it ringing your local phone (and you having to pick up) before placing the call, your speakerphone would pick up immediately and the other phone would start ringing.

Auto-answer isn't a generically implemented feature in Asterisk or phones as far as I can tell. The way people usually implement it is to have a pre-pend to people's extensions. So, if 7777 dials me, 87777 would dial me but auto-pickup. I would suggest we implement the feature this way – allow people to turn it on and then if they do, they specify the pre-pend for auto-answer mode.




Andrew Wright
October 1, 2005, 4:40 AM

completed. There is now the ability to add Orginate Variables in the admin tool. This can be done through there.

When you add this variable, it seems to be passed to both phones right now. If the other phone is expecting this variable it will also auto answer. This is a weird caveat i haven't been able to get around.

Andrew Wright
August 13, 2005, 4:41 AM

it seems to work by doing the following in the manager:

action: originate
priority: 1
context: from-sip
channel: SIP/6131
exten: 6134
Variable: ALERT_INFO=ring-answer



Andrew Wright