Changing temp conf room name to permanent name leads to odd behavior


There is some odd behavior in the following scenario:
[1] User qa1 chatting with user marilyn.
[2] User qa1 clicks on Conference button in chat window.
[3] In the conference poput, change the room name from qaNNN to just qa, which is the name of an existing permanent room.
Pop up disappears, but no conference tab is displayed.
[4] Repeat steps 2 and 3.
Same behavior.
[5] Back in qa1's main window, click on conference tab and select qa conference room.
Now, in the chat window, there suddenly 3 tabs for conference room "qa".

So apparently the display of tabs for the qa conf room got queued up from the earlier steps, but they were only displayed when entered through the main conference UI.




November 12, 2009, 2:23 AM

Can't reproduce this with the latest SVN version. Popup is not shown upon ad-hoc group chat creation. If user goes to room configuration, he can change room's name to whatever he wants. Only the name will be changed, not the Room's ID. So there is no interference and users can still chat in that ad-hoc room and are not affecting other permanent room with the same name.

Marilyn Daum
December 2, 2005, 7:58 AM

Further behavior from scenario after step 5:
[6] User qa1 posts text to the chat room in each of the 3 tabs.
In one of the other tabs for that room, the post appears as coming from user "null".

We need to tighten up attempts to join the same conf room from different paths.

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Andrew Seymour


Marilyn Daum