Add localization support for hardcoded strings in the GUI


It seems that there are quite a few hardcoded strings in various Spark GUI places. This should be added to i18n properties. Will add to the list when i find something new


  • Invitation message has some untranslatable strings (screenshot attached), probably the same with the other dialogs like file transfer, voice call, etc.

  • more missing strings on the 2nd screenshot

  • When joining a private room there are 4 hardcoded strings 2x"Password required", "This group chat room requires a password to enter.", "Enter Password:".

  • menuitem.plugins = &Plugins - this menu item is not changing for me either, though there is a translation (could be something wrong on my side, so needs confirmation)

  • Task notification - title of the window when a task notification is shown

  • Client Logs - a title of the window shown when you press Help > View Logs

  • Bookmarks menu on the main menu

  • SSO and PKI tabs in Advanced Spark settings (probably should be assigned to Jay, as he's the author of this addition)

  • Start Debugger on startup (Advanced settings)

  • button.view.profile = View Full Profile (not changing)

  • Computer to Computer - context menu entry is not present in the localization file (jingle properties file)

  • title.advanced.connection.preferences = Advanced Connection Preferences - this string seems to not work, at least in my Spark it doesnt change, though it was changed in the language file (this is the text in bold at top of the Advanced settings window)

  • Broadcast dialog - Online group cannot be translated (screenshot)




Michael Will
November 6, 2009, 7:13 PM

Close again for reopening

November 6, 2009, 3:39 AM

I can't find translation strings for the PKI tab, in particular the blue labels Keystore location and Truststore location. Attaching screenshot

Michael Will
October 28, 2009, 7:58 PM

I hope I have found the most hardcoded strings in the UI.
If I find one more than I will fix it or if other people found a hardcoded string wroot will be reopend this Bug, I know.





Michael Will