Softphone panel not redisplaying after close



I noticed on the current svn (r11699 currently) that when I made a call with the sip softphone plugin, the call status panel would show up as expected in the chat window tabs for the first time i made a call to a given number.

However, if I closed the chat window, the next time I attempt to place a call to the same number, it was not re-displaying the chat window.

If I made a call to a different number, the chat window would be displayed again, with the new tab for the new details for this different number, and I can see the other tab with the original number dialed and then manipulate it there.

This patch attempts to make the chat window redisplay again if it has been hidden when re-calling the existing number.

All I did was re-invoke the add component to the tabbed pane, where I also enhanced the SparkTabbedPane control to try to check if it already contains a given tab then to not re-add it again.


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Michael Will