Tab is not in focus when emoticon picker is open


Usually when a tab is already open and user receives a new message for that tab, it won't change into red tab name and won't flash in the taskbar. But when a user is picking an emoticon to insert and emoticon picker is open during the message arrival, then tab is showing with a red (unread) title and it flashes in the taskbar. Clicking on a tab doesn't fix the issue. One has to switch tabs or minimize and bring that a chat window again to get rid of this effect. This will happen only in rare occassions, so not a major issue. Emoticon picker is used a JPane and it probably sets a focus on it, so active tab is considered a background in this situation. But at least it should get the focus back and remove unread message effect when a user clicks in the tab area.

Another side effect reported in is that if you open the picker and then click somewhere outside the chat window, the window will start flashing in the taskbar as if you received something.









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