Incorrect own presence state during and after a reconnection


This issue is about your own presence in the roster window during and after a reconnection.

In this latest builds it is not always reproducible. If i open a chat window and then click on roster window (both in front, chat window behind the roster), then go and disconnect network, wait for presence to turn Away, then reconnect and then click back in test machine, in roster window your presence turns green correctly.

But then i tried again and while client was reconnecting, i send a few offline messages to this client. After a reconnection new offline messages appeared and my presence in the roster got stuck on Away.

But when i tried the same scenario again, it turned green after reconnection. This seems very random how it will behave.

Another issue is that my own presence icon is changing during a reconnection. It can go Away or back Online if you move your mouse, which is a bit confusing, as you are not actually online. I think during reconnection it should stay always Offline (gray). And after a reconnection it should switch either to Online, if the user was active on PC, or to Away, if PC was idle during that time. Or some other manually set status, if user had one before reconnection. The icon goes gray initially, but if you move your mouse, it turns green. And if then you wait, it will turn yellow.


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Arthur Ostretsov