Show directory if file can't be opened


After a file is received, Spark will give the user the option to open the file or the folder that it was downloaded to.

Sometimes, it is not possible to open the file, for example when the file has not been saved on the local machine (), has no associated application, or that application fails to launch.

If the file can't be opened, Spark currently does nothing (leaving the user with no feedback after it clicked the 'open' button).

Ideally, we'd want to remove the 'open' button if the file can't be opened. As this is delegated to the operating system, success cannot be predicted.

Instead, Spark could open the directory in which the file was downloaded. This at least does something that helps the user.




Guus der Kinderen
November 9, 2020, 10:11 AM

I’ve observed that on some versions of Windows, a PNG file could not be opened by Spark. However, launching it through Windows Explorer would show the file (through paint). That’s another reason for Spark to at least show a reference to the file, in case Spark cannot instruct the OS to open the file: the user might still be able to open it through OS-specific shenanigans.





Guus der Kinderen


Guus der Kinderen