MUC / Create Room: fix strange behaviour


1. A new created room should look similar to the creator and other users in the chat window.
2. The Room Topic should be used as Room Subject and not discarded.
3. Allow one to enter a Room Description while creating a room or leave it empty, redundant information (room address = room description) is not really a hint.

Detailed description of the summary above:
User 1:
Click "Create or Join Room" in "Browse Conference Rooms"
Enter "Room Name" as Room Name and as Room Topic "Room Topic" and press "Create"
"Browse Conference Rooms" will show a new Room with
Name room_name and Address room_name
Spark will open a new Window with the name "room_name" and no subject.
==> Problem 1: Name should be "Room Name"
==> Problem 2: Subject is empty. "Room Topic" got lost.
==> Problem 3: Description is "room_name"
Select "Change Subject" and set it to "Room Topic".
==> Problem 2: is solved
Select "Configure Room" and set the Description to something useful like "Room Description"
==> Problem 3: is solved
User 2:
Open "Browse Conference Rooms" and see a new Room with
Name "Room Name" and Address room_name
==> Problem 1: is solved here
Enter it.
User 1:
Press "Refresh" in "Browse Conference Rooms"
==> Problem 1: is partially solved here
Leave the room and enter it again.
==> Problem 1: is finally solved




Konstantin Zolotarev
March 2, 2011, 5:34 AM

Commited in svn.

Wolf P.
March 1, 2011, 3:26 PM

added patch to fix Room description

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Wolf P.