Need to remove any network calls when opening a chat room.


As reported in the forums:

On Friday i have noticed that some times chat windows are opening only after a ~5 secs or more. It seems that this happens when i want to talk with someone i had talked few days before. It acts normally with users i'm talking with all the time. Maybe this is related with history retrieving/loading. This could cause some issues. Personally i know that i have just to wait until chat window appears. But most of users are "noobs", they think that every program has to start immediately after they double click its icon. And if it doesnt start in a sec they think that they should click and click on. So, i'm afraid they will be clicking on some contact constantly and maybe this will cause something to Spark itself. And of course, such slow reacting is not welcome.




November 13, 2009, 9:20 PM

It was me (according to the text ) who has reported this. I can't remember seeing this issue with the latest versions anymore. Maybe this is related to that i have a better PC at work and at home now (more RAM, better CPU). Spark is behaving better in overall now and i dont see big differences opening any contacts. Probably sometimes there a ~1 sec pause if some contact has a bit more recent conversations showing in the chat window, but this is fine i think. Closing this ticket so far.

Belvedere Computer Services
August 5, 2008, 9:16 PM

I have to go with original poster on this one, I have tried talking ( normal phones, nothing to do with this product ) .... talking to two help departments at once on two different issues with several threads of thought running through my mind, ..... I was told to drop one of the calls. Average Joe is not coffeed up enough to work in parallel universes and as well navigational response should be in the time domain of 60-80 ms or at least try to achieve an approach to that on normal loading .... putting up a visual of some kind that call dropping is in progress. I speculate that we can anticiapte a customer-base that deals with fast-response, subtle shifts in shading as basis for anticipating the next button push. If machine is not responsive, customer-base we should target may or may not go into button pushing but ui should run slick in that navigation attempts are idempotent and do not block ui updates that show the effect of the button push.

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