Support XMPP SRV records.






Brian Biales
December 2, 2008, 1:13 AM

My IM is using a simple name. When using standard clients, the _XMPP-CLIENT SRV record is used correctly. Sparkweb does not use this... So, since this may not be fixed soon, is there a work around? Perhaps, like some other older IM Clients, Sparkweb could be configured with the IP Address of the server, and the domain name separately?.

My network support person says he will not create a host (A) nor a CNAME record for the root name. The only way I can make this work is either change my IM domain to something like (which will break all my current users, as they will need to change the domain they are logging into) or have Sparkweb support this situation for me.

Soapbox (and Pandion, too, I believe, which is what Soapbox is based on) asks for your IM Address and password. And it will use the SRV record if it exists. But there is also a link to "Connection Settings" In this box you can specify the IP Address and port manually. As well as specify proxy server, encryption level...

Perhaps you can configure Soapbox with the domain name to use for IM separately from the IP Address to use to connect to that domain? That would be a perfectly acceptible work around. Anybody know how to do that?


Armando Jagucki


Armando Jagucki