Doesnt show some unicode chars and keyboard layout problems


affected versions should be SVN probably.

It seems it is a common problem for all non-english speakers. I've found a ticket about scandinavian problems SW-69. Firstly, the roster is showing square symbol instead of a lithuanian ž letter. Secondly, one can't even type that sigh. On my keyborad in SparkWeb i get + instead of it (ž letter is in place of +/= key in lithuanian layout, but all other letters are here and i can type them fine). Even more, one of my collegues says his SparkWeb is crashing as he tries to type and send this character. It seems there are two problems, one with a displaying, and the other with a keyboard layout.




October 30, 2009, 2:23 PM

No. But these projects are not very active. Spark has only one volunteer developer doing some updates in his spare time. SVN version is often updated, but i cant say when where can be official release. Openfire is in a bit better situation as there are more volunteer developers and patch contributors, but we cant release it ourselves. Jive is in control of everything and we cant make them do things faster.

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Armando Jagucki