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Server session tab very slow


Bug report from group chat below. My guess is that we're timing out trying to connect to conference.jabber.org and somehow that's locking out display of the pages. We might need to change how we do locking.

[12/28/2005] 9:18 ed: ok, here's a little problem I'm having with the wildfire console..
[12/28/2005] 9:18 ed: from the sessions tab, you've got client / server / component lists on the left..
[12/28/2005] 9:18 wroot: is it still Wildfire ?
[12/28/2005] 9:19 ed: haha
[12/28/2005] 9:19 ed: client / component come up almost instant showing the sesstions
[12/28/2005] 9:19 ed: sessions
[12/28/2005] 9:19 Matt: k
[12/28/2005] 9:19 ed: trying to view the server sessions takes about 3 - 5 minutes to bring up
[12/28/2005] 9:19 Matt: really? that's very strange
[12/28/2005] 9:20 Matt: let me see if i can replicate that
[12/28/2005] 9:20 ed: I'm the only user on my server, the server has at max 13 servers it's ever connected to
[12/28/2005] 9:20 ed: here's what I did
[12/28/2005] 9:20 ed: using the exodus client
[12/28/2005] 9:20 ed: tried searching conference.jabber.org for chat rooms
[12/28/2005] 9:21 ed: the exodus client didn't show any results so I cancelled it after about 2 minutes
[12/28/2005] 9:21 Matt: so, there are some server sessions present in the list?
[12/28/2005] 9:21 ed: since then the server sessions is slow
wroot has left the room.
[12/28/2005] 9:21 ed: yes, after 3 - 5 minutes it shows me the servers last active in the past 30 minutes... currently 5 servers
[12/28/2005] 9:23 ed: I'm wondering if the server is still trying to get data from conference.jabber.org for the rooms and causing something to slow down
[12/28/2005] 9:23 Matt: yeah... that could be possible
[12/28/2005] 9:23 Matt: i'm going to file an issue



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