Create a simple option of resetting admin password


Many users have problems with accessing their Openfire when they forget/lose their admin password. There are various workarounds for that (rerunning the setup, editing database), but this is rather complicated and doesn't work all the time. There should be an easier trigger for that. As we use 'admin' as a default password for new installations, resetting should also use 'admin' for a password. It should be taken into consideration that in some cases this is not really possible (when AD integration is in use and admin account is actually a user in AD, so its password can't be reset from within Openfire).




Guus der Kinderen
January 9, 2019, 1:53 PM

Suggestion: allow for an element named <oneTimeAccessToken> to be defined in openfire.xml.

If Openfire detects that this element is present, it shows a different login screen, where one can log in using this token. As soon as it is used, the token should be automatically removed from openfire.xml

The benefit of this approach is that it's temporary (no lingering credentials in configuration), and does not interfere with the existing authentication setup (and/or override existing accounts). It'd work for all setups, including LDAP.

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Dave Cridland