The Openfire FQDN is not unique to each host


During setup, the user is prompted for a host-specific FQDN (as opposed to a cluster specific XMPP domain).

This FQDN is stored in the database in ofProperty as xmpp.fqdn - which means all nodes in a cluster receive the same FQDN, that of the last node in the cluster to go through the setup process.

Two things need to happen;

1) Store the FQDN in the openfire.xml file not the database, so it becomes host specific as it should be.

2) Check to see if where existing usage of the FQDN - whether it's retrieved directly using the "xmpp.fqdn" JiveGlobal, or indirectly via XMPPServerInfo.getHostname() - should be using the XMPP domain name (XMPPServerInfo.getXMPPDomain()) instead. 


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Greg Thomas


Greg Thomas