Updates needed for Mac OSX DMG Openfire Artifact


Openfire 4.3 ditched the usage of Ant, so alternative build procedure was needed for Mac OSX.

I created a build script that should replicate what ant was doing. `build/osx/build_dmg.sh`.

Sadly, our Bamboo OSX build host has become too old to function anymore. Most/All SSL connections are failing and can't upgrade it further. I have replaced it with a new High Sierra build host, but the new version of Xcode is too new for our current code.

The build procedure is currently from the base of the Openfire git folder

$ mvn clean compile
$ bash build/osx/build_dmg.sh

The roadblock I hit was that `packagemaker` is no longer in xcode. There were also other errors with using the ancient SDKs. Hopefully we can make some magic happen here!




Benjamin Sherman
September 21, 2018, 2:23 AM

Note: the build is working and both PKG and DMG files are being generated... however... on my local machine the pref pane crashes before it can start the Openfire process. So, that's a new bug probably...

Benjamin Sherman
September 19, 2018, 2:56 AM

Note: corrected build procedure is from the base of the Openfire git folder:

$ mvn clean package
$ bash build/osx/build_dmg.sh



Benjamin Sherman
August 24, 2018, 3:42 AM

I think I'm caught up to Daryl now. I've got the project building and running into the same packagebuilder issues he did. In short, it was deprecated in the OSX 10.6 era... and we are now running in macOS 10.13 era.


We've both found the following information on moving to the more modern tools: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11487596/making-os-x-installer-packages-like-a-pro-xcode-developer-id-ready-pkg


I'll investigate that further and come up with a working package build script.




Another topic, with newer Xcode releases, we don't actually get the older SDKs. In the past, we actually used the older SDKs to build for older OS releases. However, I've confirmed that there's a simpler solution. We can simply set _MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET = 10.6;_ in the project, and even using the current/default (10.13) SDK, the resulting binaries should run on OSX 10.6 and newer. The caveat is this ALLOWS the use of newer APIs which are not present in 10.6 with only a warning during build, so we'll need to watch out for that.

Related to OS releases, as of OSX 10.7, 32-bit intel (and all remaining powerPC support) was finally dropped. We no longe have the ability to build for 32-bit, so I propose supporting 10.6 and newer, 64-bit only on macOS/OSX as of now.

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