Show software version of connection


Openfire lists details of every connected client, server and external component in the admin console. For example, in the screenshot below, details of a connected remote server ( is shown:

When available, we should list more details about the software that is running on the peer. This information can be obtained through a simple XMPP protocol, as described in

Adjust the admin console in such a way that it displays XEP-0092-provided information.

This task includes:

  • Modifying the admin console 'detail' pages for server, client and component sessions (to include the new information)

  • Querying the remote software for support of XEP-0092 (as described in the XEP).

  • Obtain software information from the remote entity using XEP-0092 (as described in the XEP)

Please be aware that it is undesirable to:

  • have to wait for a long time when trying to open the session detail page.

  • re-query the peer every time someone wants to look at the details.

It's therefor undesirable to perform a XEP-0092 query each time someone opens the corresponding admin page. Instead, we should try to perform the query once, when the session with the remote peer is created. The information provided by XEP-0092 is unlikely to change as long as the session is active (as updating the software should require a restart, which triggers a new session).




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