broadcast-plugin: allow broadcasting to all (online and offline) users


Sending a message to does currently send messages only to online users.
Add a "plugin.broadcast.all2offline=true" property which forces the plugin to send messages to all (online and offline) users. If this property is not set the plugin behaves as usual.
Also update the documentation.




Matt Hilty
March 8, 2011, 4:18 PM

This is a nice feature but probably won't see much use for the following reasons:
1) Does not play nice with installations that use LDAP. An offline message will be stored for every user even if they've never logged in to the server. An option to disable this would be nice.

2) Must make a choice between all online users or all online and offline users. It makes sense to have the functionality of both. The ability to broadcast to the following would be desired: - Both online and offline users - Just online users

A simple usage scenario (in the case of the second, there's no need to send to offline users, in fact it would be confusing once they log back in to the server at some future date):
All Online/Offline - Notification that the server will be undergoing maintenance at a specific date/time.
All Online - Notification that the server will be undergoing maintenance immediately.