SysTray icon behaviour on click, double click


Some time ago Windows version of Spark was supporting one-click roster hiding (means clicking once at systray icon was hiding Spark window from the taskbar). Then it was removed, assumably because some users are used to double-click systray icon to bring roster window up. So they would bring it up and back again by double clicking icon.

But, now if you try to double click systray icon: first click will bring roster window up and make it active, second click wount hide roster window but will make it inactive. So if you want to make a search (Ctrl+F) after bringing roster window up by double-clicking, you would still need to click on roster. And of course, if you want to close roster window, you wil have to move mouse and click on X button.

All this behaviour looks so archaic and unconvinient. One-click is almost a standard these days. A lot of apps (including Openfire, Clearspace windows launchers) are working with single click.

What can/should be done:

1. Restore one click roster hiding feature.
2. Keep double clicking option and fix roster not being active after double-click issue.
3. There should be some time gap after which click should be considered as one click (say 1 second), so double-click wount unhide and hide roster back.
4. Maybe double-clicking should work for roster hiding as well.




Michael Will
March 5, 2009, 1:24 AM

Thanks all poeple for help!

March 5, 2009, 1:07 AM
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Michael Will